The Swirling Lamp Idea

The Swirling Lamp:

Start with a black column or tube about 50cm tall with a long slit about 14mm wide and flared, forming a tall narrow window. Inside the tube would be a simple but bright 4000K LED linear light fixture, shining out the window. Create discs of fine glass similar to barbell weights with nice rounded edges and a [perfect]hole that just fits around the lighting column. These discs of glass would be made in quarter sections of different colors, with at least one section of all discs having ‘no color’ or pure clear glass. Other facets of the glass color discs would be magnificent examples of color using the transmissive properties of glass and the ability to cast a circular glow. These discs would be stacked on top of one another forming a caterpillar array of rippled edges that can be rotated around the center light column so that by turning just one disc changes the effect of all of them. The default position of the glass discs would be ‘all clear’, or white light coming through all the discs with the 25% clear glass facing forward. By rotating just one disc, a person could for example, add aquamarine to the mix, or turn all discs to a sultry magenta and dim the LEDs to infuse a room with your mood. Rotate the amber glow to create a warm light or shift to blue for a morning wake up effect. The entire lamp could be rotated for back wash effects. It’s your lamp, make it the way you want.

That’s my idea. Someday it will be made.

21st Century Magic Fountain

A small fountain

A small fountain

21st Century Magic Fountain:
From my technical dreaming side, I imagine a camera pan-tilt unit (left-right-up-down) being used to control some high voltage and high volume water pumps and cannons. From my playful side, I remember holding a garden hose and squirting water in wide circles across the lawn pretending I am a whipping-hose performer dazzling the crowd with swirly lines of water. Just as you would position a camera to point at something, you use the P-T unit to control the direction of a water cannon with a unique adjustable nozzle that can squeeze the water into a cloudy mist, or unleash a streaming cannon of water, and anything in between. Connect the water cannon P-T units to a device and make a program that records and plays back an orchestrated ballet of P-T water cannons. Then have swirling flows of sprouting water recorded as preset scenes to the Pan-Tilt unit so you can create shows of water flowing in the air. The jumping water trails at Disneyland are kids stuff to this. Attach a LED spotlight to the tip of each P-T water cannon so you can alter the color of the water along with the flow or spray. With multiple P-T water cannons you have the ability to create a cloud of mist and a ribbon of water that can write out words or make images in the colored mists along with appropriate music. You can paint pictures with water on water in the air in different colors, timed with music.